Welcome to FR3RUNNING Society

Welcome to FR3RUNNING Society, located in the heart of Los Angeles. Since 2018, we’ve been a fun and educational place for kids to learn and enjoy Parkour, Ninja Warrior, Rock Climbing, Mixed Martial Arts, and even some basics of Film/TV Stunt Training. Our programs are perfect for kids of all ages, from tiny tots to teenagers.

Our facility is led by Mayo, a seasoned professional in stunts and directing, who brings excitement and safety to every class. He and our team are passionate about helping kids grow stronger, more confident, and coordinated.

Here at FR3RUNNING Society, we offer a range of classes tailored to different ages and skill levels. Starting with our Ninja Tots program for the little ones, all the way to our advanced Flex classes for older kids ready for more challenge, there’s something for every child.

We’re more than just a gym. We’re a community where kids come to have fun, make friends, and learn new skills. 

Programs Offered

Ninja Tots (Ages 1-3): The foundation of physical activity starts here. We encourage our youngest ninjas to explore and develop motor skills in a playful and safe setting.

Mini Ninja (Ages 4-5): As children grow, so does their need for challenge. This program focuses on coordination, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Lil’ Ninja (Ages 6-8): Introducing foundational skills for obstacle work and gymnastics, preparing kids for more complex movements.

Core Ninja (Ages 9+): Enhancing skills through combinations of movements, focusing on creating individual styles and flow.

Power Ninja (Advanced): This program introduces intricate movement techniques and prepares students for higher levels of Parkour training.

Flex One and Flex Two (Elite): For our most advanced students, these programs focus on mastering flow, mental toughness, and teaching skills, serving as a bridge to our competitive teams.


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