Birthdays, Elevated: Get Ready for an Action-Packed Celebration!

We offer various time slots to accommodate your schedule. Whether it’s a weekend celebration or a weekday gathering, we can work with you to find a suitable time.

Up to 12 Students – $550
Up to 18 Students – $800
Up to 24 Students – $1000

Non-Refundable Deposit (included): $275

Current Slots Available:

1PM – 3PM
6PM – 8PM

4PM – 6PM

3PM – 5PM

Quality Customizable Packages

We offer a range of party packages to suit your preferences and budget. From basic packages to more comprehensive options with additional activities, you can tailor the party to your exact liking.

All packages include access to our exclusive patio, your designated party oasis! This inviting space is where all the cake-cutting and delicious dining delights happen. While the little ones are having a blast inside, our patio offers parents a tranquil retreat to mingle, relax, and soak in the celebration.

All Parties Include:
Full Access to Our Patio Area for Food/Drinks
Commemorative Photo
3 Tables
20 Chairs
3 Table Covers
4 Drink Coolers
1 Mini Fridge

Our coaches are trained to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants. They have experience working with kids of various ages and skill levels, providing a fun and structured environment.

Unlike traditional parties, our parkour gym offers a dynamic and physically engaging experience. Kids can run, jump, climb, and explore in a safe and controlled environment.


Parkour is an inclusive activity that can be enjoyed by kids of all skill levels and abilities. It encourages teamwork, creativity, and physical fitness in a non-competitive environment.

Safety is our top priority. Our gym is equipped with professional-grade equipment, and our staff closely supervises all activities to ensure a secure experience for every participant.


We handle the setup, cleanup, and coordination of activities, allowing parents to relax and enjoy the party without the stress of planning or hosting.


The thrill of parkour combined with the camaraderie of friends creates lasting memories for the birthday celebrant and guests alike. Add our photographer package to have our staff capture the entire event. Included in the basic package, we capture a photo and print a souvenir for the birthday student to take home with them.


Additional Amenities:

30 minutes of EXTRA ninja time
$100.00 ea.

$100.00 ea.

Themed Party
$100.00 ea.

Drinks ON US!!
$150.00 ea

Supplies on us!
$100.00 ea.

Food on us!
$200.00 ea.

Videography Package
$300.00 ea.

Service On Us!
$100.00 ea.

Baby Zone
$100.00 ea.

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