Drop Request

How do I drop an enrollment?

To drop an enrollment, members must follow these steps:

Submit a drop request via our website.
Notify FR3RUNNING Society front desk staff via email or provide a written statement.

What happens if I don't drop my enrollment?

Your child’s enrollment will automatically renew each month. Tuition for the upcoming month will be charged on the final Monday of the current month.

When do I need to confirm my intent to drop?

To avoid automatic renewal and tuition charges, written confirmation of your intent to drop must be received on or before the final Monday of the current month.

What is the timeline for dropping an enrollment?

Drop dates are set 2 weeks after the drop request is received. This allows us to process the request and make necessary adjustments. Please plan accordingly.


What happens if my drop request spans two months?

If your drop request extends into the following month, you will be responsible for paying a prorated monthly tuition fee to cover the two-week period.


What if another student fills my spot within the two-week period?

If another student takes over your spot within the two-week period, you will receive a refund for the prorated amount you paid for the unused portion of the month.



Our prorated tuition policy ensures fairness and flexibility for both our members and the FR3RUNNING Society community. If you have any further questions or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our front desk staff.


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